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Justin Yule is the founder, president, and chief transformation officer of The Transformation Club, and the co-author of the best-selling book, The Transformation Book. He also serves fitness professionals worldwide as a business coach and subject-matter expert. He has a bachelor of science degree in physical education with a concentration in adult fitness. Justin holds multiple specialty certifications and has helped clients achieve their health and fitness goals since 1997.

Density Training

“Go hard or go home!” – this popular ego-boosting quote has been used by countless coaches, athletes and of course, hard-core gym rats all over the world. While it sounds cool for the serious trainee, it can be a bit scary when misunderstood by the general fitness enthusiast. The reality is...it’s all relative... What may be [...]

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Running a bit late today… Actually, I’ve been at The Transformation Club all morning...just filling in as a coach today so I’m just sitting down to write my newsletter now. Sure, I probably could have just let it go today. Maybe you’d even like a break from me. ;-b But, here’s the thing: ~I made [...]

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February is Heart Health Month…so I’m going to shift gears a little with today’s newsletter and share an article I wrote a while back: 3 Keys to a Healthy Heart 1) Nutrition What you eat (or do not eat) directly impacts your cardiovascular health. To understand this, we need a quick biology lesson. Your blood [...]

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Post Game Plans

That was certainly some game last night... Pretty much an offensive onslaught (record-breaking total yards) by both teams. In the end, the defense that stepped up...won. Unfortunately, it wasn’t the team I was rooting for. :-( Oh well. Congrats to the Eagles. Now that the Super Bowl is behind us it’ll be interesting to see [...]

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Quote of the day for sure

Yesterday I was talking to my friend Andy Baechler, CEO of Eniva Health. We were discussing heart health - February is Heart Health Month. He hit me with a quote that stopped me in my tracks... “Inflammation is a death sentence for your heart!” Damn! That’s a powerful statement. The most powerful thing about it [...]

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[VIDEO] Watch this!

I’m going to kind of “mail it in today” with my newsletter...but for good reason. I want to share a video that I think everyone should watch, and it ties in perfectly with what I’ve been talking about the past couple days… Now, you’ll notice the video is 15 minutes long - I know, I [...]

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Official Announcement

Take a look at the list below. If any of those results are of interest to you then read on… Better Sleep Eliminated Hot Flashes Got Off Medication Decreased/Eliminated Chronic Pain Better Digestion Flatter Belly Reduced Acne Improved Relationships With Food (Less Cravings) Enhanced My Relationship With My Spouse Never Hungry More Energy Had Fun [...]

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Super Bowl Detox

This is going to be an interesting week here in Minnesota - it’s Super Bowl week! I was looking at the Super Bowl website and there is a TON going on!! www.mnsuperbowl.com/ If I were to pick just one event it would probably be the food trucks. www.mnsuperbowl.com/ Not sure I want to deal with the crowds [...]

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My Favorite “Clean” Eating Recipes

This time of year a lot of people are focused on “cleaning” up their nutrition. While I don’t believe there are dirty foods and clean foods, clean eating is a phrase most people are familiar with. Whenever I find myself needing to increase my veggie intake and get back in the kitchen I turn to [...]

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Breakfast of (Traveling) Champions

Travel can really throw some people off their game… Late nights lead to rushed mornings. Workouts get skipped. Nutrition goes out the window. If you travel once in a while I can see this happening, and, in reality, it’s no big deal. But, if you travel often it starts to add up and it does [...]

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