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Justin Yule is the founder, president, and chief transformation officer of The Transformation Club, and the co-author of the best-selling book, The Transformation Book. He also serves fitness professionals worldwide as a business coach and subject-matter expert. He has a bachelor of science degree in physical education with a concentration in adult fitness. Justin holds multiple specialty certifications and has helped clients achieve their health and fitness goals since 1997.

Your Most Powerful Mental Faculty

How much protein should I eat? What’s the best time of day to workout? Should I do cardio or strength training? ...And so on… Now, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with those questions. They’re good questions. However, knowing the answers to those questions doesn’t mean you’re going to succeed… Clearly, you need to take ACTION on [...]

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Health Care = Wealth Care

Health Care = Wealth Care When Janell & I first met Maria, like a lot of new clients, she was very nervous to get started. Maria was extra nervous because of her health issues... You see, every morning, Maria would have to pack her nose with tissues to stop her bloody nose - every morning! [...]

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Retirement Advice from a Personal Trainer??

RETIREMENT ADVICE FROM A PERSONAL TRAINER?? So, let’s make sure we’re very clear… I am NOT a certified financial planner, however, the subject of retirement IS something I focus on quite a bit, especially right now as Janell and I are debating what to do with our current house… But, I’m guessing, a lot of [...]

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Do you ever get sucked in? I do.

Unfortunately, there’s a lot of negativity in the world… The news puts most of their focus on the bad stuff and the crazy stuff that goes on. It’s really easy to get caught up in it and forget about all the good that goes on and how truly blessed our lives are… I mean, if [...]

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Judging vs. Measuring

Check out this quote; I think it’s really relevant for people who want to lose weight and/or improve their fitness level...   “There is a huge difference between judging your progress, which is demotivating, and measuring your progress, which is motivating. Judgement just produces the desire to not be judged.  It’s a defensive reaction.  Measurement, [...]

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Why we chose dragonfly for our logo

  The dragonfly, much like a butterfly, symbolizes change.  In reality, we could have chosen a butterfly, but felt that was a little too cliche and didn’t fully represent what The Transformation Club (and now The Transformation Book) is about… The dragonfly symbolizes change in the perspective of self-realization.  This kind of change is much [...]

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Pumpkin Everything!!!!

  Sunday marks the first day of October.  In my world October = PUMPKIN EVERYTHING!!! Yes, I am a pumpkin spice lover:-)  I have a whole Pinterest board dedicated to pumpkin recipes, CLICK HERE to view.  The recipes on this board are mostly grain free pumpkin breads, muffins, cookies, bars, etc.  I also have pumpkin [...]

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Repeats Are Awesome

When I go on these “excursions” of personal/business reflection/development I like to “disconnect” as much as possible to stay totally focused on what I’m doing - working on getting better for myself, my family, my employees, my clients, my readers… When I do that, I come back fresh, excited and even more more ready to [...]

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My must haves for travel

I’m back to traveling this week and next week… This week Janell and I are in Chicago for Strategic Coach - a coaching program for entrepreneurs -  on Tuesday. We drove down yesterday, with a pit stop in Madison to visit one of Janell’s oldest friends, and we’ll be heading back on Wednesday evening after [...]

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Crabs in a bucket

I wanted to talk to you today about an important subject that I believe is the ULTIMATE DIFFERENCE MAKER in your success...in anything. Crabs in a bucket… No, I’m not talking about a delicious bucket of garlic & butter crabs with an ice cold Corona from the Bum Roger at the Jersey Shore.  That seems [...]

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