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You CAN Lose Weight, Get The Body You Want, Have More Energy, And Feel Totally Confident… Starting RIGHT NOW!

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What Some Of Our Members Are Saying…

I went from a size 12 to a size 2 and dropped 35 pounds. My body comp. completely changed!

- Shelly Kasid

I'm not as stressed as I used to be.  I suffered from severe depression and now I'm medication free! 

- Terri Endres

Within the first 6 months, I had lost 55 pounds.  I feel happy in a swimsuit - I never felt that way before.

- Lindsay Belden

I'm down 24 pounds in about 6 months.  I'm stronger, faster, and have better range of motion.

- John Marsden

Go Beyond Weight Loss and Diets to

Discover True, Sustainable Health and Fitness…

From: Justin & Janell Yule
Owners of The Transformation Club

Do you have “exercise and diet fatigue”?
It’s that exhaustion you feel deep down in your heart from...
...starting another program…
...buying another gym membership…
...going on another diet…

Only to eventually end up right back where you started? (Or worse)

It’s more common than you think. Especially for those of us over 40!

You may not realize this… but you are not the problem.
Because the weight loss industry has a dirty little secret they don’t want you to know:

They count on your failure!
They make money when you give up!

They know you will just come back for another round on the weight loss roller coaster…going up and down and up and down.

And that’s how they make billions of dollars.

[we believe] THIS IS WRONG.

And that’s why we created The Transformation Club.

It’s a different kind of gym.

It’s friendly, safe, and supportive. Not some sort of show you need to get “dressed up” for. Nor do you have to already be in shape before you enter - that’s ridiculous!

As a matter of fact, we’ve found through our several decades of combined experience as certified fitness professionals, most fitness programs approach everything backward...
The truth is: 
  • “No pain no gain” is NOT the best way to create health and lose weight over 40.
  • Monotonous cardio workouts do NOT provide lasting health benefits the so-called “experts” say they do.
  • Health is an ever-changing journey, not a number on a scale or a body shape.
  • ​What you do after you exercise is more important than the exercise itself.
  • ​Fitness is more than food and exercise, it is a way of living that improves every area of your life.
  • ​Coaching, accountability, and support are the real secret to rapid, sustainable weight loss that gives you more energy and confidence without feeling deprived or confused.

The Changes We've Made For Our Family Are Amazing!

Before joining The Transformation Club, I was always worried to go to the gym and attend classes because I feared that I would stand out for being out of shape, not know what I was doing, or make a fool of myself. That is NOT the case at The Club.  I never felt out of place from the first day I started. 

One of the nicest things about it is the trainers (and other members) really get to know you, make you feel welcome, and you feel validated for showing up."  I also feel accountable for coming back over and over because of the personal connection - consistency is key for results! 

Since joining The Club in mid-2018, I’m very pleased with what I’ve accomplished including improving my mental health and commitment to a fitness lifestyle.  I’m able to keep up with my kids better, my mood has improved, and my overall physical health has improved.  My biggest reward is that it has become a family affair - my husband joined and we’re in it together!  The changes we’ve made for our family are amazing and the kids are noticing the difference as mom and dad lead by example.
- Julie Mattson

I See A Bright Future For My Health & Fitness

Before I joined The Transformation Club, my weight was on the rise and my old exercise program was leading nowhere. Having had success at The Transformation Club in the past, I decided to go back for their expert coaching and support. I lost 9 pounds in just 9.5 weeks, my clothes fit better, and I feel stronger. Now, as a regular member, I see a bright future for my health and fitness. I'm convinced if you're seeking real, sustainable change, The Transformation Club can help you just as it helped me.
- J.L.

Not all gyms are created equal

We’ve scoured the entire health and fitness world and in all our research and experience, we’ve found 4 Core Secrets for you to stay healthy over 40:


The fastest way to look and feel amazing
 is a specially designed 30-minute metabolism-boosting, body-shaping workout that can be personalized to work at every age and for EVERY body type no matter how busy, broken, or low energy you feel. 


By changing what you do after your workout you can double your energy, accelerate fat loss, and feel better faster without doing a single extra minute of exercise!


Get off the miserable deprivation diet roller coaster... Forever! 
 And discover how to truly nourish your body and create sustainable weight loss by adding key nutrients to your diet instead of taking everything away.


The difference between feeling worn out, low-energy, and overweight vs. having radiant energy, open-hearted confidence, and a body you love is just ONE simple shift you can make any time, anywhere, at any age. 
But we don’t stop there.

This isn’t ONLY about some special exercise program or getting in shape...

We’re going to learn about you and work with your unique body, no matter where you’re starting.

No matter how broken or out of shape you may feel…

We’re here to work with you. To be your guide, your friend, your support in transforming your health.

We care about you looking and feeling your best so you can live your best life.

You deserve to be happy, healthy, and vibrant. Your family deserves to see you happy, healthy, and vibrant.
And we can help you live it!

So you can chase your grandkids through a playground…

...or walk/run around the lake with your husband like you used to

...or just feel healthy, confident, and comfortable in your own body!

There is no price you can place on that kind of joy. On that kind of deep life satisfaction. On that kind of health.

An Experience That Transcends Physical Fitness...

Discovering The Transformation Club was a turning point in my journey to wellness. Struggling with weight issues and chronic back pain, I found not just a gym, but a supportive community dedicated to holistic health.  Their philosophy taught me that life and health are about what you invest in them.  Now, my focus is not just on weight loss, but on achieving a balanced and happy life, something I believe everyone can achieve at The Transformation Club. If you're ready for a transformative experience that transcends physical fitness, The Transformation Club awaits you.
- Bridgett Radford

Worthy Every Penny Of Membership!!

The whole team - and the members - are so welcoming.  And, the coaches are great at modifying the exercises/levels to help make the return to exercise even easier.  I also really appreciate all the education and focus around mindset.  This is a huge topic for me. 

I love the results I’m seeing.  I’m SO happy to be able to keep up with my kids as they grow and become more active.  Last night we had a 60-minute dance party and I was barely winded!  The smiles and giggles were priceless - worth every penny of membership!!"
- Alicia Fronius


  • Endless doctor appointments
  • A cabinet full of prescription medication
  • And joint pain that seems to get a little bit worse every winter…
You have the opportunity to transform your health, to transform your life, to rediscover how good you can feel in your body —— even at this age. ;)

It’s possible.

We see it all the time with the courageous people we work with at The Transformation Club:
I was in my mid-50s when I first started and I was quite scared.  I didn’t know ANYONE, I wasn’t coordinated, and my weight was increasing.  Right away, I learned that wasn’t a problem.  The coaches made me feel welcome and they helped me every step of the way...even with the warm-up exercises that I struggled with when I first began.  I’m now in my 60s and I’m so grateful for all the things I can do physically - like exercises much harder than those warm-ups that gave me trouble!"
- Cathy Eckart
Before coming to The Transformation Club, I would get injured doing other programs.  After joining The Club, I quickly learned that those other programs were falling short on building my core strength.  Now my fear of injury or having to stop exercising has disappeared.  I’ve been going strong now at The Club since 2016! 

I’m also happy to say that I dropped about 35 pounds and put on healthy, lean muscle.  I’m down two sizes and I feel great!"
- Elizabeth Kressler


Let's get something straight with you about the REAL cost of ignoring your health...
Most people make the mistake of focusing on “cost now” instead of looking at the long game and thinking about what their life will look like 10-20-30 years from now.

If you want a sneak peek, just look at your parents’ or grandparents' lives.

By investing in your health now, you can:
  • Save thousands of dollars in hospital and doctor’s visits 
  • Save countless mind-numbing, soul-crushing hours waiting around in offices filling out paperwork 
  • Save hundreds of dollars every month on endless prescription medications that you can’t even pronounce 
  • Save the frustration and pain for your own children who need to take care of you and chauffeur you around from specialist to specialist to doctor to surgery to physical therapy appointment all because of the poor health choices you made today 

Here’s the truth...

Investing in your health TODAY will save you tens of thousands of dollars over the next 10-20-30 years.

But to get those kinds of results, you need a comprehensive & dynamic plan.

A plan that adjusts to you and your unique challenges.

You need a friend that’s going to be with you for the long haul.

And that’s what we do at the Transformation Club.

What a Transformation!

Before joining The Transformation Club in 2015, I could never stick with a program, and I felt like I was just throwing my money away.  When I joined The Club, I was immediately welcomed and felt that I belonged.  The workouts are fun and the coaches are outstanding.  I now identify as a person who works out consistently.  In fact, most weeks I show up 5 times...what a transformation!!”
- Sam Wilder
But before you make a decision, you need to know that this level of care, this total health transformation may not be for you... 
  • We don't want the people who are still addicted to the quick fix scams of the fitness industry.
  • We don’t work with window shoppers looking for the “best deal” that they will never actually use.
  • We don’t work with people who do not want to embrace their health and see how good life can get.
So here’s who we DO work with:
  • We work with people who want to create long-term health and wellness.
  • We work with people who understand the value of high quality programming and educated professional coaches.
  • Folks who are ready to level-up their life and become the best version of themselves.


Before I joined The Transformation Club, I was very frustrated because I wasn’t getting the results I was looking for when I was a member of other gyms (I tried them all). I would join -- work out -- not get results -- quit.  That changed when I joined The Transformation Club ... way back in 2014.

I’ve had amazing results (reduced body fat, increased muscle, boosted energy, improved sleep) and continue to stick with a regular fitness routine that makes me feel great.  The friendships I’ve developed, along with the awesome trainers, also keep me from quitting. :-)
- Julie Stuart

What You Will Discover As a Member of The Transformation Club:

  • How to set your environment up for success so staying on track is easy
  • How to effectively cleanse & detox your body of harmful toxins so it can perform at the highest level...and lose that stubborn belly fat
  • How to identify and eliminate your limiting beliefs so you can achieve anything you want
  • How to actually rewire your brain so it can look for and find success
  • How to master your mindset so you can eliminate insecurities and boost your self-esteem
  • How to eat supportively while still enjoying your favorite foods so you'll never have to go on a diet again
  • How to positively manipulate your hormones so you can stop weight gain and burn more fat
  • How to exercise efficiently so you can shape your body without spending all your time in the gym
  • How to maximize recovery so you don’t get sick and, better yet, have all the energy and vitality you need
  • How to manage stress so you can enjoy and get the most out of life
  • How to deal with life’s many twists and turns so you don’t get thrown off course and lose all your results ever again
  • How to create a new identity - one that is happy, healthy, and fit - so you can lock in your results for life!

Here’s what you get when you become a member of The Transformation Club:


Designed by a certified personal trainer and Metabolic Training Expert with 3 decades of program design experience who specializes in creating the most efficient & effective workouts in the marketplace to get you astonishing results in half the time. And, between our in-person and online workout programs, there’s no schedule we can’t accommodate.


We've completely redesigned our space to create individual 6’ x 15’ Transformation Zones where each client has their very own fully-functional gym in a physically-distanced space.  No sharing of equipment and plenty of breathing room.  And, of course, all equipment is specially sanitized after each class.
We also have people getting amazing results with our online workouts!  And, they absolutely love the convenience of no commute and anytime replay access if they can't or don't want to attend the live sessions.
NOTE: For home workouts, you won't need a lot of equipment but you will need some. A great place to start at a low cost that gives you access to hundreds of exercises is a set of resistance bands and/or a few pairs of dumbbells

In-Person, Virtual, and On-Demand Yoga Classes

Increase your mobility, heal your joints, and let your stress melt away like an ice cube in the August sun
Yoga is a wonderful complement to our Group Personal Training (GPT) workouts...creating balance in mind, body, and spirit. Our yoga program is NOT yoga fit or yoga sculpt. We’re not trying to combine fitness & yoga like a lot of places. Led by certified yoga instructors, yoga at The Transformation Club is much more traditional and focuses on flexibility, range of motion, and stress relief. It’s also not a ‘fashion show’ or ‘singles club’. You don’t need to be flexible or in shape to join our community. Come as you are!

And, Here’s Our Schedule:

  • 5:45 am Monday through Friday
  • 6:00 am Monday through Friday ONLINE (available for 24/7 on-demand access) 
  • 7:00 am Monday through Friday
  • 9:00 am Monday through Friday
  • 4:30 pm Monday and Wednesday
  • 5:00 pm Tuesday
  • 5:30 pm Monday and Wednesday
  • Saturday @ 8:30 am
Group Personal Training
  • 5:45 am Monday through Friday
  • 6:00 am Monday through Friday ONLINE (available for 24/7 on-demand access) 
  • 7:00 am Monday through Friday
  • 9:00 am Monday through Friday
  • 4:30 pm Monday and Wednesday
  • 5:00 pm Tuesday
  • 5:30 pm Monday and Wednesday
  • Saturday @ 8:30 am - in person and online
  • Wednesday @ 6:30 pm
  • Thursday @ 10:00 am
*All sessions are available for 24/7 on-demand replay. Plus, a library of on-demand classes.

UNLIMITED Recovery Sessions

Feel your best with NormaTec’s patented compression therapy recovery system - created by a physician bioengineer to enhance blood flow and speed recovery:
  • Relieve muscle soreness
  • Increase circulation
  • Flush out lactate
  • Improve mobility
  • Decrease muscle fatigue & stiffness
  • Reduce edema (swelling)
Sit back, relax, and enjoy! :-)

Personalized Coaching

Our team of certified fitness professionals is here to help you individualize your workouts, dial in your diet, teach you simple health “hacks” to fit your busy schedule, and support you with anything else you might need to look and feel your best.  


Hosted by Justin and Janell Yule, each week we dive into a life-transforming topic to unlock your greatest growth, your greatest prosperity, and your greatest joy. 

We believe mindset is the most critical piece to creating lasting success in all areas of your life. It’s certainly been the difference-maker for us and our most successful clients.

These quick 15 - 20 minute info-packed sessions are Mondays at noon and are available for 24/7 replay.


Hosted by Alyson Happ, Registered Dietitian, each week she covers a new topic around nutrition and lifestyle. We all know you can't out- exercise a bad diet. From these sessions, you'll learn the tips and tricks that make eating healthy easy and fun. In addition, Alyson will cover more advanced topics such as popular diets,  supplements, as well as various health challenges and diseases. She'll even answer your questions live!

These quick 15 - 20 minute info-packed sessions are Wednesdays at noon and are available for 24/7 replay.
FREE workshops and seminars
FREE workshops and seminars on the revolutionary science of mindset and brain change, health, nutrition, cutting-edge healing technology, and MORE.
Community Events with like-minded, amazing people so we can all grow together and support each other.


Before joining The Transformation Club, I alway feared failing...again!  It was the number one thing holding me back.  Now, with the complete support from the staff and my fellow members, I don’t feel that way anymore.  It also helps that there’s such a great community that’s working together; I don’t feel like I’m constantly comparing myself to others - how they look or how much better they are than me.  It’s just not like that here.

I can really tell the difference when I’m taking care of myself - I have the energy to keep up with my 3 kids, my mood is lighter and more positive, and being a mom is more fun and not as taxing.  I’m also really enjoying all the mindset training.  Now I feel like I can make my future what I want it to be.  The Transformation Club provides so much more than just great workouts.  All of those extras they pour into use are worth more than gold!”
- Andrea Adams
We are really proud of what we’ve created, and for the right people, The Transformation Club changes their life.

And you can decide now, to embrace your future for less than a cup of coffee a day, and change your life forever.

You can avoid the “long slow decline” you see in your parents...

You can live a life of vitality and energy and joy…

You can live a life that is empowered and strong…

You can live confidently and have a powerful living experience instead of a life of just going through the motions.

But you have to DECIDE.

Do you say YES?  Do you invest in yourself?  In your future?

Or do you go for another ride on the weight-loss roller coaster and see if this time you can cheat “diet and exercise fatigue”

The choice is yours.

Think about it.

If you’re ready… we are here for you. :-)

1 Month of UNLIMITED VIP Membership

Experience unlimited access to our Group Personal Training, Yoga Sessions, and Recovery Sessions plus access to Personalized Coaching, Transformation Thoughts, Lunch w/the RD and our Amazing Community!

Free Gift #1 ($47 Value)

Nutrition Succes Guide

(digital download)
You don’t need to read a dozen books or listen to a bunch of podcasts. Our certified nutritionists did all that for you and condensed the best, most practical nutrition advice in the world into one easy-to-use manual. It’s loaded with practical education, tips, and tools that will prove valuable for the rest of your life - you’ll be so glad you have this as a reference to back to.

Free Gift #2 ($147 Value)

Emotional Eating Webinar

(video recording)
Emotional eating affects just about everybody, and for some, it’s the biggest thing holding them back from achieving their weight loss goals. During this webinar, Janell is going to teach you:
  • Why food is NOT the enemy
  • How to break the vicious shame cycle that leaves you feeling terrible about yourself
  • ​Why it's NOT your fault that you reach for comfort food
  • ​How to create "Food Freedom"

Free Gift #3 ($97 Value)

4 Weeks of Meal Plans Including Recipes & Grocery Lists

(digital download)
Designed by a Registered Dietitian, these simple-to-follow meal plans are a game-changer. The recipes are delicious and only require the most basic cooking skills and ingredients. And, the time-saving grocery lists are so helpful!

Free Gift #4 ($197 Value)

Mindset Succes Seminar

(video recording)
The most important part of success is mindset… During this presentation, Justin will open your mind to new possibilities and help you understand why you get stuck and repeat the same results over and over. You will finally understand why you do the things you do, even when you say you don’t want to…
This seminar has been called a life-changer by so many of our clients. 

Free Gift #5 ($17 Value)

The Ultimate Habit Checklist & Mini-Guide

The habits you keep will either set you up for a win or keep you “stuck” in a never-ending loop of frustration (and no one wants that). It’s time to break the cycle. All you need to do is follow a proven SYSTEM! We lay it out for you in this guide … and it’s complete with a printable habit checklist. 

Free Gift #6 ($17 Value)

The Body Confidence Guide

Our 5 step process for feeling confident and capable while appreciating and loving yourself in the process! In this guide, we give you actionable steps you can take TODAY, to start feeling more confident about yourself almost immediately! When you feel comfortable in your own skin, EVERYTHING in your life is better. If you truly want to make each day on this earth great, it all starts with the relationship you have with yourself.

Free Gift #7 ($17 Value)

5-Day Strong Core Challenge Guide

If you're looking for a quick way to strengthen your core, improve your posture and generally just feel better, then this is it! The 5-day Core Challenge is a program anyone can follow that is designed to make your core stronger from the inside out. Flatten your belly and strengthen you back. It only takes a few minutes per day!

All You Have To Do Is Say,

"MAYBE" And The Gift Is Yours... For FREE!

What Other Clients Say About The Transformation Club…

It's like a family. It's really supportive. I love that camaraderie.

- Terri Rendall

It's made such a difference in how I'm aging and that's exciting!

- Michelle Brick

It's a safe place for me and you feel very connected.

- Jackie Cullen

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  You've truly been a gift.

- Jane Soderberg

And, Here’s What They Say About Us Personally…

When You “Test-Drive” The Transformation Club Today, You’ll Get An UNLIMITED 4-WEEK MEMBERSHIP For Only $97 - SAVE OVER 50%!

PLUS, You’ll Get Over $500

Worth of Proven Body Transformation Tools for FREE (Just For Saying “Maybe”)!

All You Have to Do Is Say, “MAYBE” And The Gift Is Yours…For FREE!


Did you know we have two books?

Together we wrote The Transformation Book.

This is our comprehensive “how-to” manual where we share the proven strategies that we’ve used with clients over the last decade in our business together.

Our mission is to educate, motivate, and inspire you to become the BEST version of YOU.  Divided into four parts on mindset, nutrition, training, and lifestyle, The Transformation Book includes valuable information and tools anyone can employ.

PLEASE NOTE: We only have about 100 hard copies left. Once they’re gone, they’re gone.

Justin also wrote a fiction book.

The Transformation Path is the fictional accounting of how one woman sets about on her own personal journey and the steps she takes to make that change a successful reality.

Follow Lisa as she documents her path in a weekly journal and sheds her fears, doubts, and a few pounds as well. Along the way, husband Travis supports her journey and makes some personal transformations of his own.

In this fictional tale, discover how you too can get on the right path to become the BEST version of YOU!

When You Sign Up Today You Will Receive an Autographed Copy of Each Book!!

So, What Are You Waiting For?

All you have to do is say, “MAYBE” and all these gifts are yours… for FREE!

When You Say "MAYBE" Today, You Can Have All Of This...

Total Value = $569


So, What's The Catch...?

Like we said in the beginning, we’re giving you 50% off your first month AND over $500 in transformation bonuses to test-drive The Transformation Club.
Why would we do this?
1) We know that joining a gym or starting a transformation program can be scary, and oftentimes people are worried about wasting their time and money…usually because it didn’t work before.  Well, we get that - we don’t want you to waste them either so we want to give you incredible value right off the bat so you can get a chance to know, like, and trust us, as well as see that you CAN do this!

2) Unlike other programs, we don’t make money when people do short-term programs with us. In fact, after marketing costs, we usually go negative on the front end.  We make our living by delivering such a great service, experience, and results that people want to stay on as members for the long-term, often for many, many, YEARS!  In full transparency, we’re hoping you’ll be another one of our raving fans who wants to be part of our community long after this initial month.

3) Without sounding cocky or arrogant, we KNOW what we offer works.  And, we just really want more people to experience it because it will change your life and the lives of those you care about most. :-)

“Do You Have a Guarantee?”

You Bet. In Fact, We Have Two Guarantees For You.

Guarantee #1 - 28-Day Money-Back Guarantee

We’re so confident you’re going to love your experience that we’re willing to remove the financial risk for you. 

 If you’re not satisfied with your experience for any reason simply let us know and we’ll refund your $97 and cancel your membership. 

Plus, you can keep all the gifts and bonuses as our THANK YOU for taking the time to give us a chance.

Transformation Club


Guarantee #2 - TC Support for Success

We guarantee support.  We know the fitness journey can get lonely and frustrating, with plenty of bumps and unforeseen turns…

That’s why if you have any questions or hang-ups on how to use any aspect of your membership from the training to the meal plans, or need help with a stuck mindset or a limiting belief, we’re here to help in any way we can.

You don’t have to feel alone anymore, second-guessing yourself.  We truly care about your success, and that’s why we’ll be there every step of the way.

How can we have such a powerful guarantee?

Because, as we said earlier, we know this program works.

We’re both living examples of the kinds of results The Transformation Club produces - not only are we the owners, but we’re clients, too. ;-)
And, of course, it’s worked for so many others - you met just a small fraction of them today on this page.

We know, if you show up (you do have to do your part ;-b), you will get incredible, life-transforming results!

And, look, we’re a small, family-owned business so our #1 priority is client satisfaction… Our business and our livelihood depend on it!

Here’s What To Do Next…

From here it’s just finalizing the details and getting your gifts sent to you!

Click on the green button below right now, follow the prompts, and we can get you all set up!!

Thanks for taking the time to read through this letter; we can’t wait to be your coaches!!!

Justin & Janell Yule
All You Have to Do Is Say, “MAYBE” And The Gift Is Yours…For FREE!
P.S. In case you're one of those people (like Justin) who just skip to the end of the letter, or if you just need one final recap, here's the deal:

We’re giving you $569 worth of body transformation tools for FREE when you join The Transformation Club today for ONLY $97.
Oh, and if for some crazy reason you don't love our program - you can cancel your membership and I'll refund your trial investment (and you can still keep all the bonuses!)

Sound fair? Then what are you waiting for!?! Sign up for The Transformation Club right now!

Here Are More Examples Of The Incredible, Life-Changing Results You Could Experience As A Transformation Club Member…

“Honestly, I started because I wanted to lose weight and look better. While that is still an important goal for me and I know I will achieve it, what I have really enjoyed the most from the program is just feeling a lot better about myself physically and how that has affected my attitude mentally. I would tell people to do it to feel like the best version of themselves. Justin and Janell know what works and what doesn’t, so the work you put in won't be wasted effort, like with many programs. By the way, I lost over 20 pounds and gained 5 pounds of muscle...so far.”

- Paul Mattson

“Your knowledge and expertise continue to amaze me, and everything you teach makes so much sense! Before this, I was constantly battling myself and giving up if I wasn’t “perfect” with fitness and eating. No more. Plus, I lost body fat, developed better habits, and learned to forgive and love myself no matter size or how strong I am.”

- Cynthia Martin

“I want to thank you both so much for this amazing, comprehensive wellness program. I've learned so much, improved my Gl health, and added in some new healthy habits. It’s finally starting to click! The biggest change I noticed was in my relationship with food and how I talk about food. And, I don't judge myself with what I eat! Again, thank you both for your support and wonderful content delivered in a manageable way.”

- Terri Rendall

“I noticed a mindset shift right away and I now have the knowledge and tools I need to keep applying it.”

- Jessica Jallow

“I was excited to get started when i learned how much it was about mindset. I really started noticing significant changes after just 3 weeks - feeling better mentally was the most valuable result. I learned so much through the daily lessons and live talks, and what they taught us has been so valuable to me in my personal and professional life as I navigate some pretty big transitions. This program has been a game-changer for me.”

- Anna Tarantino

If You’re Still Here…

Then You Must Be Thinking, 
“Is This REALLY For Me?”

Listen, we would hate it if we just became another stop on the fitness carousel for you - you know, where you go round and round from one program to another never really getting any lasting results. NO WAY!

That’s why we don’t really consider The Transformation Club a gym or fitness center.  It’s not a place to just work out…although the workouts are totally awesome. ;-)

The Transformation Club is a comprehensive transformation program and supportive community of friends in fitness.

Can We Take a Moment to Share WHY We Do This?

Simply put, we want to TRANSFORM the health & fitness in our community.

We believe people want to be healthy; they just lack awareness of the TRUTH and they don’t know how to navigate the endless amounts of marketing, propaganda, and quite frankly, bullsh*t, that has littered the industry.

We’re here to “clear the path” and guide you along the way to achieving your better you…

While most fitness businesses are consumed with amassing memberships and sales, we are consumed with changing lives for the better.

We spend our resources (time, money, sweat & tears – there’s no bloodshed. ;-b) learning about exercise, nutrition, stress management, rest, and recovery so that we can deliver better products & services that produce positive changes in the lives of the people we work with.

That, in turn, is how we attract AND retain more members & customers; a fundamental MUST for any fitness business to survive – we just approach it from the other end – RESULTS FIRST! :-)

And, Here’s Why We Believe You Would Want To Do Business With Us…

Because the coaching we’re doing now is better than the coaching we were doing six months ago.  And the coaching we’ll be doing six months from now will be better than the coaching we’re doing today…

Because we wake up every day with a sense of WHY we come to work.  We come to work to educate, motivate, and inspire you to become the very best version of yourself.  That means we have to get better at what we do every day and become the very best version of ourselves.  We’ll never settle, and neither should you.

Are we better than our competition?

If you believe what we believe and you believe that the things we do can help you, then we’re better.  If you don’t believe what we believe and you don’t believe the things we can do will help you, then we’re not better.

It really is that simple.

Our goal is to find people who believe what we believe and want to work together so that we can all succeed in making our community more healthy and fit – one person (YOU?) at a time.

We’re looking for people who truly want our help and are in the pursuit of the same goal.
  • We’re NOT interested in convincing or selling you on leading a healthy lifestyle.  
  • We’re NOT into beating you up, making you feel like you’ve been hit by a bus, or leaving you so sore you can barely move for three days.  
  • We’re NOT about “no pain, no gain” or dangerously pushing you beyond your physical limitations with no regard for form & function.

WE CAN HELP YOU by providing a collaborative environment and a life-changing experience founded on science-based programming and supportive coaching to meet you where you’re at and guide you to where you want to go…

Our Core Values


“Faith is the ability to see the invisible – to believe in the incredible. That is what enables you to receive what the masses think is impossible.” – Clarence Smithison

“People are always blaming their circumstances for what they are. I don't believe in circumstances. The people who get on in this world are the people who get up and look for the circumstances they want, and if they can't find them, make them.” – George Bernard Shaw

We foster our clients' faith and provide them with the tools & coaching they need to take massive action to achieve their goals. We motivate, educate and inspire them to be the very best version of themselves.
Lead By Example

We practice what we preach because we enjoy the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle founded on smart training, supportive nutrition, and self-care. By taking the best care of us we’re able to then best care for our clients. In addition, we only ask clients to do things that we’re willing to do ourselves.
Better Your Best

One of the most basic laws of life is “Create or Disintegrate.” Nothing remains the same. You’re either improving the quality of your life or you are taking away from it. We continually focus, both personally and professionally, on doing a little bit more and being a little bit better…

Create Strong & Meaningful Relationships

Our clients’ success goes beyond the programs and services we offer. The relationships we create and our clients’ strong desire to do business with us is how we can truly make a difference in their lives.

If All Of That Feels Right, Then Don’t Waste Another Second Thinking About It. DECIDE NOW. Have Faith & Take Action!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q:  How Does The Trial Membership Work?

A: Test-Drive The Transformation Club for a full 28 Days for the reduced price of only $97.  Then, if you agree The Club is the right place for you to achieve your health and fitness goals and you’re excited to be a part of our community of friends in fitness, you’ll continue to get unlimited access to all the benefits of membership every month thereafter for as long as you like based on the plan you choose on the next page.

Q:  When Will I Receive My Free Gifts and Bonuses?

A: You will receive access to all the digital pieces immediately upon registration on the next page; a link will be sent to your email so be sure to use your primary email address.  You will receive the two bonus books when you come into The Transformation Club to start your trial.  If you’re strictly doing online with us, then we will mail the books to you. 

Q:  Do I Have To Sign-up For Sessions And Will I Be Able to Get In When I Want To?

A: Yes and yes.  We use a really simple scheduling app (Zen Planner) to reserve your appointments.  The reservation is less to secure your spot in the workout and more so the coaches know you’re coming.  There’s an accountability piece there, and it also helps us prep for your arrival.

Q:  Who Is This For?  What Kind of Results Can I Expect?

A:  Most people initially come to us with weight loss as their top goal so that's definitely a primary objective of the programming, however, it goes so far beyond that...

With our proprietary methodology, you’re going to build muscle, burn fat, increase strength, improve mobility, build a rock-solid core, and “bulletproof” your joints.  You’re going to look, move, and feel more like an athlete.

[Note: the word “athlete” shouldn’t be a word that scares anyone away.  The point is we want to be able to function really well whether that be in everyday life, recreational sports, or just playing with kids/grandkids]

In addition, you will develop strong self-confidence, self-esteem, and self-love so that you can show up powerfully in every area of your life.

Finally, we will give you the knowledge, tools, and resources to develop “food freedom”, get off the diet & exercise carousel (going round and round from program to program), and stop riding the weight loss roller coaster (losing, gaining, losing, gaining, on so on) once and for all.

Q:  What If I’m Not Satisfied?

A:  That is highly unlikely.  Wait until you’ve spent a few weeks with us and worked with our TEAM to help you get the most out of the program, and you’ll see what I mean.  With that said, if you don’t find our coaching advice even the least bit helpful…then you can cancel anytime and we’ll part as friends. :)  We’d hate for our expert team of certified personal trainers, certified yoga instructors, certified nutritionists, and certified mindset coaches to go unused and have your membership dues get wasted.  So, if you don’t find us useful, then you can cancel and we won’t hold it against you. :-)

Q:  Do You Have A Guarantee.

A:  We don’t have a guarantee… we have TWO!  We’re guaranteeing your investment two times so you can be doubly certain this is the RIGHT decision to make today!

We’re so confident you’re going to love your experience that we’re willing to remove the financial risk for you.  If you’re not satisfied with your experience for any reason simply let us know and we’ll refund your $97 and cancel your membership.  Plus, you can keep all the bonuses as our THANK YOU for taking the time to give us a chance.

We also guarantee support.  We know the fitness journey can get lonely and frustrating, with plenty of bumps and unforeseen turns…

That’s why if you have any questions or hang-ups on how to use any aspect of your membership from the training to the meal plans, or need help with a stuck mindset or a limiting belief, we’re here to help.

You don’t have to feel alone anymore, second-guessing yourself.  We truly care about your success, and that’s why we’ll be there every step of the way.

Q:  How Much Does It Cost?

A:  Today, you can secure over $500 in proven, transformation-producing information and tools…completely free! In addition, you’ll get UNLIMITED ACCESS to all the benefits of membership at The Transformation Club for the reduced investment of only $97.

Then, after the initial 28-day test-drive, if you love us and agree we’re the best solution to help you achieve your health & fitness goals then we’ll bill you based on the membership you choose on the next page.  Click the green button below to see the options…
1363A Park Road, Chanhassen, MN 55317 | 952-224-4852